About Jasmine Anaïs

I am a Spanish-American painter and illustrator from and based in San Francisco. Artists who inspire me include the surrealists Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington and René Magritte, as well as manga artists and illustrators like Naoko Takeuchi and Yusuke Nakamura. I enjoy the process of creating fantasy, using bold colors and playful representations of femininity in my work.

My formal education in art has consisted of classes taken at City College of San Francisco. Beyond this, I’ve pored over books and video, and have studied the work of friends, family, and other community members. I’ve also spent countless hours hunched over sketchbooks with a pencil in hand honing my skills.

As an artist, I am always learning about my practice and the practice of others. I enjoy using new media, surfaces, and  techniques. Although I love exploring, my favorite media are gouache and watercolor as well as ink and marker.

I chronicle my sketchbooks and experiments in art on my Instagram page, which you can follow here.